I'm finding that I feel great during the day when I start it out with a green drink.  Do you have a good recipe that you would like to share?

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Shakeology is my Green Drink of choice. Tons of amazing ingredients from around the world. Believe me, I really never thought I would even talk about this product when it first came out, but I am a true convert. I absolutely love it and after getting my doctor and nutritionist to love it, I was sold for sure.

Check out the details at http://myshakeology.com/coachfitjenn
Macro Greens. I also get my greens from Juice Plus fruit and veggies capsules. Only MLM that I found that had tons of documented studies.

I really like Greens First. I get it at my Chiropractors office.It is great in smoothies or just in water as a great pick me up!

I used to work at a grocery store that sold Aloe Pulp Juice. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but it's the only green drink I've tried that actually tasted pretty good. If you're not a fan of having pulp in your juice though, I'd say it's not for you. It is a bit pulpy. But once you get past that, it's not bad. Plus it's got Vitamin C.
Hi Pat,
I 'm new here and I know you posted this a while ago, but just thought I would let you know about our greens drink.

Yes we have a great Greens drink. Isagenix Greens--Here's a brief description:Rich in Vital antioxidants, including vitamins E, C and premium green vegetables that fortify immune health. Contains a proprietary blend of Ionic Alfalfa, rice fiber and prebiotics, which help balance digestive health and contains no artificial flavors.

We can even mix with it our Cleanse for Life (cleanses the toxins out of your body) or mix with our IsaFruits (Provides over 30 different incredible fruits per serving, Proprietary formula free of any fillers, binders, waxes, alcohols and artificial preservatives)

You can check out my site if you like :) www.vassilmitchell.isagenix.com
There are so many juices out there. How do you chose? The body needs variety, you can't have one type of juice that will cover everything. Even single super juices alone will not create the optimum health and wellness we all seek. So I use a number of different products that can lift your wellness profile. First I always start with Ionix Supreme, 1 or 2 oz by itself can start you day with energy and sustain it all day ( http://choosinlife.isagenix.com/us/en/ionixsupreme.dhtml ) Just do your due dilegence check the ingriedients ( http://choosinlife.isagenix.com/us/en/image.ashx?id=174f2f2c-dae4-4... ) I love the shiajit. Then to help your body with gentle cleansing herbs you can use a Cleansed for Life Drink
you can use it in liquid and powder, the powder makes a great evening tea that will assist your body in releasing impurities from breathing eating and drinking. ( some great recipes http://choosinlife.isagenix.com/us/en/image.ashx?id=174f2f2c-dae4-4... ) But there is more, Want More Energy, a great way to replace electolytes, then Isa Greens and Isafruits and IsaCalcium, all amazing and if you want you can add them together to make interesting and new combinations of intense nutrition.
So Pat, to make my super Green Monster, I add, Ionix, Isagreens, Isafruits and Want More Energy together ( sometimes I put it into my Isalean shake and make it my super green monster. there is nothing like starting the day with a great SHAMROCK SHAKE
I do a green smoothie almost everyday. I use an Oster blender. One of my favorite green smoothies:
For liquid, I use coconut water or green tea
3-4 leaves kale, handful spinach, coconut butter, blue green algae, nutritional yeast, hemp seed, ... grind/blend
add a banana and grind/blend
add 3-4 frozen strawberries, chop

Here is one I am going to try tomorrow.


Cucumber Greens Delight Detox 

1 cucumber
1 large cup of spinach
1 large cup of parsley
1 celery stock
1/2 medium lemon (not the peels)  


Please let us know if you have any more teleconferences scheduled :-)

So many great Green drinks! Thanks for starting this discussion. I think of how many people that don't start their day with a Green drink and how they are missing out on all of the health benefits and that energy you get first thing! I use It's Greens from It Works Global. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I started myself drinking them because I had Gastric Bypass and Ulcerative Colitis so it's difficult for me to digest raw fruits and veggies. I needed something to replace that. I love how I feel now and that I rarely get sick! My whole family is now using them and I am seeing the change in our health is dramatic enough to far outweigh any cost. You save money through prevention right? So just my two cents! Tell everyone about your Green product no matter who makes it. They will thank you for their improved health! Can I share my link here? Hmmm...well I will and if it's a no no please let me know and I will remove! www.ReinventingBeautiful.net check out the Greens!
HI Mary:

Definitely not a no-no to add a link where people can get more info. it helps everyone find what they are looking for or what works best for them when we have choice, so thank you for posting!
Fabulous! I am tweeting & sharing your site on facebook. Love it! Thank you so much for the invite, I look forward to learning more and sharing what I've learned with the world!

If you drink water charged with bio disc, it has many health benefits. Check the website www.amezcua.com and if interested in this product go to my website www.harishasar.myqnsite.com. This product also has many other benefits.

Harish Asar





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