Top 3 Strategies to Attract Your Best Clients to Your Health & Wellness Business

Implementing these strategies can mean the difference between banging your head against the wall, trying to get people to listen or building a business where people are so thankful to have found you and what you offer. 

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1) Get Clear on who you serve. I know you'd like everyone to benefit from what you have to offer, but by getting specific with who your target market really is you are better able to present your product or service to the people who are really searching for those solutions and are receptive to hearing about what you have to say, rather than being in constant sales and convincing mode. So who is is that you serve?

Stressed out Mom's?

Empty nesters?

Men over 30 wanting to rediscover 6 pack abs?

Chronic pain sufferers?

Decide who needs you most and who you really want to work with then start to target them in all of your marketing. 

2) Get Clear on your messaging. It's easy to want to talk about all the great things your product or service can do, but it's important to speak the language your potential client wants to hear, which is what's in it for them. Talk in terms of what benefit they will receive by doing business with you. What problem are you solving?

Helping Mom's get their sexy back after having a baby?

Helping back pain sufferers relieve pain naturally?

Helping parents take control of their kids bad eating habits so that they can be healthy & fit?

Talk about the benefit they will receive as a result of working with you or purchasing your product. Do you have testimonials? If so, share them! 

3) Don't be a "me too' brand. Share your story! It's likely that your potential client can go somewhere else to receive the solution to their problem, so why would they choose to business with you? Because of your story! Why are you doing what you do? What lead you to this point? Why are you so committed to sharing your product or service with the world? People do business with people they trust, people they can identify with. Use your greatest asset when sharing your products and!


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Kim Peterson is a highly accomplished Natural Health and Wellness expert who has devoted 20 + years of her life to helping others with her extensive experience. Kim is best known for her popular website,, which she launched in November of 2009. Through her work, she has not only become a valuable teacher in the wellness industry, but she is also skilled in wellness business marketing. Kim has been a voracious student of health and wellness since her early 20’s. She began by being completely self-educated and expanded her knowledge through countless seminars, books and programs. Kim experienced her first taste of wellness entrepreneurship when her light therapy business started with nothing and became a multi million-dollar leader in the light therapy industry within a five-year period. Today, due to her highly successful business experience and her devotion to continuing her study of health, Kim is well equipped to help others solve their wellness business challenges, lead better lives and improve their health naturally.


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